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Burglary Deterred with DNA Technology

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This is very cool. In the UK in a town called Halton, break-ins have dropped dramatically.

Burglaries in homes and businesses are down by almost 70 percent, compared with the same time last year. That’s an incredible reduction in crime.

People are feeling safer and local law enforcement and the citizens are taking back control of their neighborhoods. It all began with a concerted effort and an “I’m not going to take it any more” attitude.

The effort became a success when home security training along with special DNA water was distributed to more than 4,000 homes and many more businesses during the past year.

Local officials got together with the Police, Fire and Rescue, Probation Service, Youth Offending Teams, Housing Trust, Landlords, Chamber of Commerce, and Neighborhood Management to co-ordinate the campaign.

Effective safety and security tips and education revolves around informing people on proper locking of doors and windows, giving their homes a lived in look, closing blinds and cutting up boxes when high end items are purchased. Most important is installing multiple layers of security including home security alarms, security cameras and additional signage alerting burglars to the security of the dwelling.

One interesting solution they used was something called SmartWater anti-burglary solution. This is a special liquid which can mark high value property with a unique DNA code. It is virtually impossible to remove and shows up under UV light. Experts say no two SmartWater systems have the same forensic code so every house or business can protect their property with their own individual identification.”

How crazy is this: a spray system activated by intruders will immediately link the offender to the scene of the crime through a DNA code.

When all the officials got together and alerted everyone, I’m sure burglars also got word that they’d be identified and caught when breaking into a house. Getting caught is often an effective deterrent. That’s what an alarm does too.

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ROBERT SICILIANO, CEO of IDTheftSecurity.com is fiercely committed to informing, educating, and empowering Americans so they can be protected from violence and crime in the physical and virtual worlds. His "tell it like it is" style is sought after by major media outlets, executives in the C-Suite of leading corporations, meeting planners, and community leaders to get the straight talk they need to stay safe in a world in which physical and virtual crime is commonplace. Siciliano is accessible, real, professional, and ready to weigh in and comment at a moment's notice on breaking news.

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