Survival Training and Advice

The saying goes if you fail to plan then you plan to fail. Most people think they  will never need to scrape for food or water and that everything they need or want for basic sustenance is at our fingertips. For the most part, because we live in a civilized society, they are right. But what happens if things go wrong? With the world going crazy, things going wrong is becoming likelier by the minute.

What most people don’t realize is that the electric grid is only around 100 years old. That means 100 years ago we were living in the dark, or by lights powered by whale oil. It also means that we were responsible for growing our own food and there wasn’t such a thing as gas powered cars or trucks to deliver that food either.

Today, we are painfully dependent on the electrical grid to deliver food and clean. If a disaster strikes, whether man-made or Mother Nature, and the grid goes down for any period of time, do you have a backup plan? In this post “Creating a “Plan B” for Survival” you will get your head right on what you need to do to prepare.

But there is much more to know. In the post “The Top 7 Things You Need in Your Survival Kit” and “Is Your Bugout Bag Ready to Go?” You’ll begin to understand what the basic necessities are for off the grid survival.

And then there is water. Clean fresh water is taken for granted in most parts of the world. Some, don’t have running water at their disposal. But the reality of it is without electricity, clean water is not an option unless you are prepared. Again, if disaster strikes, do you have clean water? Make sure you read the post “Storing Water for Survival” so you are not literally left high and dry.

There is so much more to be discussed on topic. But knowing how to use a weapon for self-defense and equally as important for survival, is how to use a knife to survive off the grid. Do you carry a knife? We call this EDC or “every day carry” In this post “Do You Know How to Use a Knife for Survival?” you will begin to understand the value of having a blade on you at all times.

More Advice from Robert

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