Take Charge, Fight Back!: Street-Smart, Street-Safe Personal Security

It’s not just law enforcement professionals and first responders—ordinary men, women and children face risk every day. Consider real estate agents, auto-show presenters, nurses, and many other professionals who interact with strangers—and are often unprepared for an attack by known and unknown assailants. Even when not on the job, children, teens and women face potential assault and abduction, and teens and college students often make themselves vulnerable online and away at school.

With a light touch and serious knowledge, Robert Siciliano will:

  • Teach you the fundamentals of personal security, both in the physical and virtual worlds
  • Help you devise an effective ongoing personal and office security plan
  • Offer strategies for holding a safe open house and conducting safe personal marketing
  • Show you how to take control with self-defense strategies
  • Help you create a “home safe” plan for your family, both at home and out in the world, regardless of scenario

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