Protect Your Privacy and Credit From Prying Eyes! Identity Theft Protection Prevention and Awareness

There’s a new face of organized crime: Dumpster divers, criminal hackers, database attackers, carders and mules are all part of organized criminal syndicates, and the work is not all done in a smoky back room anymore—they work out of cheap hotel rooms and mahogany-paneled corporate offices. Wherever it’s done, fraud and identity theft are extremely destructive to your business, and much of this can be traced back to innocent mishandling of everyday data and passwords.

In this presentation, Robert Siciliano will:

  • Share tricks of the trade and tools that people can use to take responsibility for their personal and business data
  • Explore the journey of “innocuous” paper or digital information—and how it can wind up in the wrong hands
  • Provide insight into criminals’ minds and the methods they use to exploit your information
  • Reverse-engineer criminals’ strategies to teach you how to use these strategies to protect yourself

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