Social Media Security: Marketing, Extending and Defending Your Online Reputation

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn are popular social networking sites in both the personal and professional lives of business leaders and their employees. However, the risks we face from sharing too much information are substantial—from personal security to damaged reputations to significant business liabilities that put all operations in jeopardy. It doesn’t matter whether you or your employees access these websites and apps on a company computer or a mobile device—the consequences of visiting them are very real when it comes to the privacy and security of a business.

How are you being judged online? What are people saying about you? Do you do business with someone based on how good or bad the reviews are? Do Amazon reviews sway you—and, on the other hand, has Yelp ruined you?

There has never been a better time to build a brand name—and there has never been a worse time to have yours torn down because of bad reviews. Social media encompasses all forms of digital communication and is a fantastic tool for syndicating your brand and getting it in front of your target market, but it’s also the voice of the people—and if you tick off the public, hell hath no fury like a Twitterer scorned.

In this presentation, Robert Siciliano will teach you how to:

  • Incorporate the fundamentals of Online Reputation Management
  • The implications of using social media, for individuals and businesses
  • How to mitigate the dangers of using these websites
  • How to cover your footprints when using social media
  • Devise a strategy to build a solid presence
  • Tactically respond to negative comments
  • Proactively ward off trolls
  • Implement processes and procedures for your employees to follow
  • Learn the tools you need to get your name out there
  • Understand what risks exist online
  • Secure your sites and protect your brand

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