Putting Your Digital Data, Trade Secrets and Proprietary Information on Lockdown: Knowledge is Power You Don’t Want to Lose

In a high-tech, information-based economy, everything we do as a business is recorded and tracked or stolen by someone—whether by your competition, criminal hackers, or a domestic or foreign authority. Once extricated from your hands, the bad guys exploit your valuable information to their advantage or use it against you. It’s not fair, it’s ugly, it’s often illegal and it sucks—specifically, it sucks all the time, energy and effort away from your profits and can ruin your business and your reputation. A fundamental lack of control over your company’s data—via public Wi-Fi, thumb drives, smartphones, tablets, cloud data and social media websites—have changed the way businesses store, manage and share information—and if you aren’t keeping up, you are quickly going to lose control and put your data and corporate information at risk. Remember: You are either in control of your business’s cyber data or someone else is.

In this presentation, Robert Siciliano will show you and your staff how to:

  • Protect shared information, stored information, and any intellectual property—online or in the cloud
  • Be smart about computing on the go with your laptop, tablet and smartphone

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