Mortgage and Real Estate Fraud: A Real House of Cards

Did you know mortgage and real estate fraud is one of the most profitable of all organized criminal acts? With buyers, sellers, mortgage brokers, banks, appraisers, housing inspectors and real estate agents in the mix, a combination of just a couple of these parties working together to “fudge and flip” a transaction can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars lost to myriad innocent parties—and once the fraud is discovered, the finger-pointing begins. In one scam alone, fake documents were used to purchase more than 300 homes valued at $51 million—and that isn’t even taking into account the exorbitant fees the forgers charged for the service of producing those documents. You can prevent this from happening on your watch by being informed, understanding your options, and knowing what red flags to look for from the start in order to proactively protect yourself and your clients.

In this presentation, Robert Siciliano will cover:

  • The costs and impact of fraud, including who is doing it and how
  • Different types of fraud
  • Fraud hotspots and red flags
  • Knowing your rights, including what you are signing and how to protect your business and your clients

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