Corporate Travel Security at Home and Abroad: Strangers in a Strange Land

There’s nothing like getting out of the office and away from your troubles…until trouble finds you. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, there are certain pitfalls you face when leaving the comforts of home. With so much (or little) advance planning, distractedly packing half your life into a few small bags can make even the most seasoned traveler a target for thieves and kidnappers. On top of that, different cultures pose different risks, and vacationers and business travelers alike are at a disadvantage among the locals.

In this travel security presentation, Robert Siciliano will help you discover:

  • The ins and outs of travel security when packing, in airports, on airplanes, at the rental car counter, on the road and in hotels
  • The various scams and ruses that befall travelers
  • How to become a tougher target when on the road or in a new place
  • Ways to research each destination and put systems in place to keep you, your family and your employees safe and secure

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