Active Shooter Workplace Violence Prediction and Prevention: Spotting the Red Flags

“If you see something, say something” is a familiar refrain on public transportation and at sporting events, but it doesn’t work without open, proactive, security-conscious minds to go with open eyes and open mouths. Every school shooting and workplace shooting—could have been prevented with crowdsourced awareness. So many perpetrators of violence telegraph their intentions to the world in obvious ways, and yet we are conditioned to see the best in people—but the reality is, organizations that do nothing and say it can’t happen to them are the most grievously unprepared.

In this workplace violence prevention presentation, Robert Siciliano will teach you:

  • How to spot the red flags that the public, at-risk students and employees exhibit
  • Methods to best educate and inform front-line employees, managers and supervisors
  • Ways you can create an observant and security-conscious company culture

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