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Social Media Safety/Security: Online Reputation Management

There was a time when we carefully “minded our P’s and Q’s,” but now everything is out there for everyone to see because the mole on the inside is us, and we are giving away all the data. The risks we face from sharing too much information include everything, including personal security risks, damaged reputations, and significant business liabilities that put all operations in jeopardy.

In the social media security program, you will recognize what puts you, your business, your data and your reputation at risk. Learn from others’ mistakes and develop policies to prevent employees, families and even you from saying, doing or posting things that you’ll regret later. Robert will answer all your questions and show you how to create a fool (fool being the operative word) proof plan.

You Learn How To:

  • Develop Skills for Cyber Safety.
  • Navigate Social Networking Sites.
  • Understand Instant Messaging Language.
  • Determine What Risks Kids and Adults Face.
  • Search for Dangerous Content.
  • Set up Safe and Secure Surfing.
  • Protect Yourself and Kids Online.
  • Talk Technology and Be Cyber-Smart.
  • Find Out if Your Kids are at Risk.
  • Manage You and Your Companies Online Reputation.

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