December 27, 2005:

Favorable Developments in the Less-Lethal Weapons Market Cap off a Year Otherwise Rife with Difficult Challenges for Stun Gun Technology

December 21, 2005: A New Data Tape Fumble and Major Computer Hack Job Cap off a Year Fraught with Large-scale Security Breaches and Whispers of Massive Identity Thefts

December 6, 2005: The Holiday Shopping Season Is Open Season for Identity Thieves

November 28, 2005: Opportunity for Rehabilitation of Less-Lethal Technology’s Reputation Exists Even as Problems Mount for the Industry

November 21, 2005: Personal Security Expert Offers Advice Holiday Travelers Can Follow to Reduce Their Risk of Falling Prey to Crime

November 18, 2005: Fear of Identity Theft among Consumers Leaves Industry with no Choice but to Implement Multifactor Authentication Measures

November 8, 2004: Industry Leaders Can Rehabilitate Less-Lethal Technology’s Image by Offering and Aggressively Promoting Safer Stun Guns

November 7, 2005: Identity Theft Expert Offers 10 Tips That Consumers Can Follow to Avoid Becoming Victims of This Crime

October 31, 2005: The Push for Multifactor Authentication in Online Transactions Will Help to Stop Identity Theft, Says Expert

October 25, 2005: Self-Imposed Recommendations for Police Use of Stun Guns Are Not the Same as Leadership and Assistance from the Industry, Says an Expert on Personal Safety

October 24, 2005: More Competition in Stun Gun Marketplace May Improve the Accuracy of Debate over these Weapons’ Safety

September 30, 2005: The stun gun market needs accountability and competition

September 20, 2005: PrivateTel Offers Free Trial of MyPrivateLine for Real Estate Agents

September 20, 2005: The Sept. 19, 2005 press release titled “Misuse of Stun Guns Continues and Throws Their Safety into Question” contained an error regarding the operation of a product by one of the manufacturers mentioned

September 19, 2005: Misuse of stun guns continues and throws their safety into question

September 14, 2005: Hurricane Katrina Has Greatly Elevated the Risk of Identity Theft

September 9, 2005: PrivateTel Launches Click-and-Connect New Service For Online Dating Sites Sets up Private Phone Calls With the Click of a Mouse

August 24, 2005: Citizens Can Avoid Identity Confusion by Routinely Checking Their Public Dossiers

August 24, 2005: Law enforcement’s attitude may drive the development of safer stun gun technology and usage guidelines, says president of

August 22, 2005: Citizens Have a New Tool to Help Them Take Control of Their Identities

August 16, 2005: The Real ID Act is an earnest step toward staving identity theft, says president of

August 4, 2005: The increasing variety and growing sophistication of online threats demand an overwhelming response, says president of

August 3, 2005: Safety continues as a dominating issue in the stun gun market, says president of

July 27, 2005: News sources lag behind in discovering and reporting online threats to consumers’ identities, says president of

July 20, 2005: Market share for stun gun manufacturers will grow to hinge upon weapons’ safety, says president of

July 13, 2005: Stun gun manufacturers have ammunition to silence their critics, says president of

July 11, 2005: Battle over stun guns plays pivotal role in setting stage for general acceptance, says president of

July 11, 2005: Leading Privacy and Safety Advocate Encourages Reality Television’s Upcoming Online Dating Documentary To Address Dating Safety

June 23, 2005: Civilian ownership of stun guns warrants fewer safety measures than firearm use, according to the president of

June 21, 2005: The jeopardizing of 40 million credit card numbers shows that the real consumer right is security, according to the founder of

June 21, 2005: Classifieds2GO.Com Integrates NetworkIP’s ClassAdd Service, Adding Security for Advertisers and Revenue for Publishers

June 15, 2005: Unencrypted information in transit makes the inside-job identity theft easy, says the founder of

June 14, 2005: Leading Privacy and Safety Expert Endorses MyClassAdd – A Safe, Secure, Private Number for Classified and Online Advertising

June 10, 2005: Leading Privacy and Safety Expert Urges Safe Online Dating to Decrease Risk of Violence

June 9, 2005: Yet more research illustrates how little knowledge computer users possess to protect themselves against online threats

June 3, 2005: The emergence of a new form of ransomware is an example of criminals moving faster than security technology, says the founder of

June 1, 2005: New findings suggesting consumer confidence in online security has declined may be attributable to high-profile identity thefts, says the founder of

May 31, 2005: Leading Privacy and Safety Expert Offers Rules for Safe Internet Dating

May 24, 2005: A new study revealing consumers’ experiences with spyware confirms the need for more online security education, according to the founder of

May 25, 2005: Increased third-party scientific attention will vindicate stun gun technology, according to the president of

May 23, 2005: President of Launches Online Dating Safety Campaign and Endorses MyPrivateLine

May 11, 2005: Computer users must take advantage of all the online security available, according to the founder of

May 12, 2005: Recent self-imposed stun gun use guidelines should help police regain credibility and trust, according to the president of

May 5, 2005: Founder of warns that identity theft can happen to consumers even when they are not consuming

May 5, 2005:’s president urges law enforcement to adopt guidelines for stun gun use

April 25, 2005: Founder of urges industry and government to respond to the identity theft threat uniformly with national legislation and across-the-board practices

April 25, 2005:’s President Sees The Use Of Stun Guns As Progressive and Healthy

April 20, 2005:’s President Believes New Competition In The Stun Gun Market May Quell Fears About The Weapon’s Safety

April 18, 2005: Founder of warns of Web-based organized crime that fuels online identity theft

April 13, 2005: Founder of sees a misunderstanding of concepts in the discourse about identity theft and how to combat it

April 13, 2005:’s President Sees Bizarre and Controversial News Reports of Stun Gun Use as Typical

April 8, 2005: A persistent lack of awareness about identity theft at the consumer and industry levels costs money, according to the founder of

April 5, 2005:’s President Sees Officials’ Recent Call for Specific Guidelines Governing Law Enforcement’s Use of Stun Guns as a Responsible Response to Irresponsible Criticism

April 5, 2005: Robert Siciliano, founder of, advises parents on the increase of child pornographers’ Internet activity

March 29, 2005: Countermeasures to combat identity theft must also address the illusion of privacy, according to Robert Siciliano, founder of

March 25, 2005:’s President Criticizes U.S. Department Of Homeland Security Bureaus’ Decisions Not To Sanction Stun Gun Use

March 23, 2005: Founder of warns that recent identity thefts at educational institutions pose a special threat to national security

March 23, 2005: President Sees Mounting Evidence That Many Deaths Blamed On Stun Guns Actually Trace To Drug Use

March 17, 2005:’s Founder, Robert Siciliano, Commenting On Congressional Hearings, Warns That Terrorism Could Stem From The Identity Theft Crisis

March 17, 2005: Robert Siciliano, security expert and president of, urges the U.S. legal system to avoid future violence by implementing effective security measures

March 16, 2005: Robert Siciliano, security expert and president of, encourages stun gun manufacturers marketing the weapons to civilians

March 8, 2005:’s Founder, Robert Siciliano, Encourages Legislators And Law Enforcement Officials As They Respond To Identity Thefts At ChoicePoint Inc.

March 8, 2005: Robert Siciliano, president of, welcomes studies on pigs to help dispel fears that stun guns are highly lethal weapons

March 4, 2005: The Call For Hearings Following Identity Thefts At ChoicePoint Inc. Is A Welcome Development According To Robert Siciliano Of

March 3, 2005: Identity thefts at ChoicePoint Inc. and security failure at Bank of America Corp. reflect a fundamentally flawed system for handling sensitive data, says Robert Siciliano of

March 1, 2005: Police Departments Should Continue Their Use And Acquisition Of Stun Guns, According To Robert Siciliano, President Of Stungun.Com

Feb. 23, 2005: Identity Theft At ChoicePoint Inc. Threatens National Security, According To Robert Siciliano Of

January 18, 2005: Taser International and Stinger Systems Could Battle Over Ownership of 1-800-STUNGUN and, according to Robert Siciliano of

January 3, 2005: Scams Interfere with Charitable Efforts Responding to the South Asia Tsunami Catastrophe, Warns Robert Siciliano, Personal Security Expert at

December 14, 2004:’s Founder, Robert Siciliano, RFID technology in national ID cards and new passports falls short of securing the nation

December 13, 2004:’s Founder, Robert Siciliano, Warns Holiday shoppers and e-commerce executives brace for the next phishing attack.