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ROBERT SICILIANO is fiercely committed to informing, educating, and empowering Americans so they can be protected from violence and crime in the physical and virtual worlds.


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Over the years, we’ve all let technology into our lives more and more—banking by phone, shopping online, sharing every aspect of our daily lives with our friends via Facebook and Twitter—so much, to the point that many of us are completely unaware as to how our daily activities put us at risk for identity theft and worse.

Top Security Consultant Presents Shocking Facts About Identity Theft and Personal Security.

Personal security is protecting ones person from threats of violence and theft in the physical and virtual worlds. Robert Siciliano breaks down issues of security and technology in bite-size chunks for your audience.

Social networking sites, online shopping, webcams, and cell phones are staples of modern life…but did you know that they’re also playgrounds for criminals looking to steal your information? Top security expert Robert Siciliano is here to present the shocking truth to your listeners—that no matter how well they think they’re protected, their identities are susceptible to being stolen at ANY time.

With the way the world is today, you can’t afford to not be protected—luckily, Robert will guide your listeners to better online practices that could save them time, money, and stress

Check out the topics that this versatile guest can cover!

  • How fake IDs are easier than ever to come by online—and why the government isn’t stopping their sale!
  • How To Steal A Car: Hack It!
  • Why and How Phishing Scammers Target Macs
  • 5 Digital New Year’s Resolutions For Parents
  • Updating and Upgrading Your Digital Technology
  • Why the FBI Needs Our Help to Take Down Cyber Fraud
  • Safe Banking On Your Mobile Device
  • Necessary Security Updates for 2012
  • Phishers Use Social Media
  • 2012 Threats: Are You Ready?
  • Supermarket Skimming Scam Highlights Retailer Risk
  • Securing New Digital Devices
  • The new ATM skimming threats: How gangs skim to finance their activities
  • How your child’s identity could be used to buy cars for criminals
  • Giving your credit card to a hotel? Why you should think twice!
  • Why tight-lipped women are hackers’ biggest obstacle to stealing personal information
  • Your new Facebook friend or Twitter followers could be CIA, FBI, or a criminal hacker
  • Social media scams: How easy is it for someone to pretend to be you?
  • Check your medical record lately? You’ll be shocked at what people are doing with your medical information!
  • How foursquare, Gowalla, and Facebook Places are making it easier for criminals to track you down
  • Want REAL privacy on Facebook? Learn how!
  • How your kids may be responsible for compromising your online security
  • The top 8 twitter hacking techniques
  • The top 10 social media scams
  • The 10 most dangerous celebrities on the internet
  • The top 10 most dangerous places to give put your social security number

Robert Siciliano will give your listeners the tools they need to protect themselves and their loved ones against identity theft.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to book this Personal Security and Theft Expert who will keep your phone lines lit for the entire interview!

TV Appearances

TV Appearances

In over twenty years as a television news correspondent, pundit, and on air talent, Robert has appeared hundreds of times on almost every network, on cable, national, and local television, on major talk shows and news programs. Producers turn to Robert for expert commentary on breaking news on all things personal security, including issues regarding violence and both physical and virtual theft prevention. Robert’s unique range of expertise gives him the ability to comment on topics that can be difficult to categorize. He provides short, pithy commentary, summing up relatively complicated issues in a tight, upbeat, and direct soundbite.

Radio Appearances

Radio Appearances

There is no better medium than radio to flesh out ideas get and to the bottom line. Robert has appeared on air thousands of times, discussing almost every conceivable issue involving personal security. Listeners benefit from an on-air public seminar, condensed into five minutes or over the course of an entire show. He works well with radio hosts and is able to answer listeners’ questions on a dime. Robert provides provoking and entertaining commentary to make your show a success.

Published Articles

Published Articles

Journalists source Robert hundreds of times annually for quick pithy commentary, often with an irreverent or controversial tone, or to flesh out a story idea. Robert can provide insight to your article and help point you toward additional sources.

Published Articles

The Safety Minute

Originally published in 1996 as The Safety Minute: Living on High Alert; How to Take Control of Your Personal Security and Prevent Fraud, by Safety Zone Press, and later republished under a different subtitle and ISBN, The Safety Minute: 01: How to Be Safe in the Streets, at Home, and Abroad So You Can Save Your Life is available on Amazon.com. This book is a culmination of Robert’s philosophy on how to avoid and remove oneself from dangerous situations by understanding basic personal security and self-defense techniques. The book also includes a chapter on identity theft. By upping your personal security intelligence, you develop options to prevent the bad guy from making you his next victim.
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Published Articles

99 Things You Wish You Knew Before…Your Identity Was Stolen

The 99 Series (aptly described as “coach in your pocket”) has been used by consumers as well as by corporations who wish to promote and encourage employees to seek guidance in areas that affect their personal lives and therefore impact their productivity. It is the first digital series of this kind and is dedicated to providing easy-to-read strategies. Understanding our world of fast-paced jobs and rushed schedules, together with the sweeping changes in global digital marketing, this team of talented, veteran authors has created to-the-point, easy-to-read selections that save time and make learning fun.
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