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Home Invasion

10 Tips to Preventing Home Invasions by Robert Siciliano © 2014

  1. Strangers: You tell your children not to talk to strangers, so why do you open the door to a total stranger?
  2. Peephole: Install peepholes, talk through the door.
  3. Posers: Home-invaders pose as delivery people, public workers, or people in distress.
  4. Make a call: Under no circumstances do you open the door unless you get phone numbers to call their superiors.
  5. Distress: If someone is in distress tell him or her you will call the police for them.

  1. Do not call the police!: If you live in a high crime area where law enforcement takes a while to respond, and if someone is trying to break into your house while you are in it, calling the fire department will sometimes get help to the scene quicker. Do this only if you are desperate. Firefighters are not equipped to handle violence. However squealing sirens can deter a criminal.
  2. Home Safe Home: Consider a second line or a cell phone in your bedroom. Burglars often remove a telephone from the receiver when they enter a home.
  3. Get alarmed: An alarm system activated while you are sleeping will prevent a burglar from getting too far. Newer alarms have cellular options, a safeguard even if the phone lines are cut.
  4. Money and jewels: One simple reason your house is chosen is someone tipped off the Home-invader that you have valuables. Your friends or children or baby sitter might have unintentionally bragged.
  5. Get armed: Having a non-lethal weapon in the form of a Taser or a Pepper spray in close proximity to your bed or front door can debilitate your attacker before they gain control.
  6. Locks: Call a qualified locksmith to take a physical security survey to help you determine the most efficient way to lock up. Many products on the market are a false sense of security. A qualified locksmith should be a professional associated with well known manufacturers.


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