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Risk Management: Information/Computer Security and Privacy Protection

There is a reason why we keep hearing about data breaches involving millions of credit card and account numbers: hacking is lucrative, with criminals making more in a day than most of us make in a year. The bleeding will not stop anytime soon—and the more time you spend uninformed, the better your chances are of being targeted.

In the information security program, you will learn that whether you are a small business or a family of four, there are certain fundamentals that you can follow to protect your data or the data you are entrusted with.

You Learn How To:

  • Identify existing flaws that make you vulnerable.
  • Understand how hackers get in your networks.
  • Defend against viruses and spyware.
  • Learn how to set up firewalls.
  • Protect email and proprietary information.
  • Speed up PC performance.
  • Clean out malicious key-logging programs, pop-ups and other annoyances.
  • Prevent spam.
  • Access free resources to protect your data.
  • Protect wireless networks.
  • Protect you and your clients privacy

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