Are You Taking Responsibility for Your Personal Safety?

For the most part, the local police department does not prevent most assaults or
burglaries. That would require a cop to be everywhere all at once. Not happening.
However, they do their best to capture and arrest those who commit these crimes. And,
preventing crimes goes way beyond getting a home security system or making sure
your doors are locked and your lights are on timers. But this is a start. The truth is, your
personal security and preventing crimes starts with you. It begins with taking
responsibility for your property and your personal safety.

Civilized Conditioning

You might have heard of civilized conditioning. Civilized conditioning is what mom and
dad teach you about being a civilized human in a civilized society. That means not
hitting, harming, biting etc. Just be nice and in general, respect authority.

You have probably (hopefully) been taught that it’s not okay to hurt other people, and
this, of course, is a great thing. Most of us have been taught this from the time we were
small children. This type of conditioning allows each of us to successfully get along with
others in a society, but it also causes us to do nothing when we need to.

Civilized conditioning has had a negative impact on our ability to take responsibility for
our personal security. This is really a double-edged sword. Sure, it helps to keep us
under control when we are tempted to get violent with another person. But, it also
prevents us from using a violent stance when we need to.

We are all aware that there are people out there who we could say are uncivilized.
These people don’t have the same boundaries as the rest of us. When we come across
those people, we have to take responsibility for our own safety. That might mean being

You Are On Your Own

Bad things happen all of the time. Consider, for instance, installing a home security
system. This is a great start and helps you to take responsibility for the safety of your
property, your family, and yourself. Also, consider a self-defense class. There are
several options for these classes from local courses and books to videos and online
training. Additionally, teach your children self-defense skills. Even children as young as
5-years- old are definitely capable of learning techniques that can protect them. Finally,
teach responsibility. You can’t always rely on the government or the police to protect
you. Instead, rely on yourself.