4 Month Old Baby and Parents Rob Homes

When someone breaks into a home, their primary motivation is generally money. In the case of parents bringing their 4 month old along for the heist, its probably for money to support a drug habit. These burglars obviously have issues.

279 years ago I dated a girl who worked at a bank. She developed herself a little coke problem. Her coke problem turned into a theft from the bank problem to support her habit. Drugs drive people to do awful things. Eventually this girl was found out, faced some consequences, got into a few 12 step programs and today’s she’s very successful and a mother of 3.  So the subjects in this story aren’t horrible, they’re actually sick. Addiction is an extremely difficult disease to cope with for everyone involved.

A couple accused of going on a home break-in spree last week have been charged with child abuse for allegedly bringing along a 4-month old child. Deputies said the suspects ages 28, 23 and 25, were arrested after a citizen spotted them leaving the scene of one of the crimes, followed the vehicle and called 911 to assist deputies in locating the vehicle.”

Desperate people do desperate things. And when someone is under the influence of a narcotic or desperate to get some, they will say and do anything. Often these crimes can lead to violence. If you think “it can’t happen to me” then you are delusional. Burglary happens all day every day in the “most secure” communities because people have “issues” and the victims don’t lock their doors and don’t invest in their home security.

Take responsibility for your home security. Install a home security system complete with monitored alarm and home surveillance cameras. Have the cameras monitor motion connected to a DVR. Set the alarm while you are home during the day, sleeping and when you are gone.

Robert Siciliano personal security expert to Home Security Source discussing burglar proofing your home on Fox Boston. Disclosures